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Not alot to talk about as of late. Ever. Whatever. Anyway, it's been awhile since I've had much of anything to talk about.

Got over the flu a few days ago, so that was good. I was sick for a couple of days, then really sick, then better. So, whoop-whoop for that, eh?

Anyhow! I should be finished with the make-up time I was having to do for my massage therapy classes this up-coming tuesday, then I'll be starting my internship which, hopefully, will be short and sweet. After that I can get my temporary license and I'll be (literally!) in business. Not sure where I want to work yet, or if I'll wait until I'm nationally licensed and move off somewhere to start working.

Life's been hectic as of late, or it feels like it anyway. I've been thinking a lot about what I wanna do in the next few years. It all feels like everythings rushing forward and I don't have any time to really do what I want to. As things are, I'm just trying to get myself established somewhere, get a place that's -mine- and start making a living. Secondary things I've thought about are my hobbies and interests, and what ones are actually things I want to continue pursuing.

I've been having trouble lately pinning down my interests or being able to point at one thing and say I enjoy it. It's strange. I feel... adrift. Like I don't really have anything I can hang onto and say 'This is me' or 'I've done this'. I don't know if it's depressing, or if I'm just apathetic about it.

Ah well. That's not all I have to say, but it's all I have to write.


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