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Evaluation t'day

So, today at school was my last evaluation before the internship (for my massage therapy training for those who don't know). I've been kinda nervous about it, since it's a one hour, full body routine on the guy that opened the school. I prayed a lot beforehand and just figured that I'd do the best I could. Psyched myself up. Tried to be 'Zen' about the whole thing.

Well... it worked! I finished up and he told me that all the strokes and everything felt really good, nothing that he could teach me would help 'em, it was just a matter of getting better the more I work. He also noticed a couple of the strokes that I've made up on my own and said that he liked the variation and that I should keep 'em in my routine.

So, all in all, I'm happy about how things went today, and I'm now convinced I can actually make money doing this. ;P
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