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Sexiest kitchen ever.

So, I hate my job, which isn't like a huge epiphany for any average joe out there, but tonight I decided before going in that I'd just keep busy and that'd hopefully keep things from sucking as much. Basically I just cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned the damn kitchen for the whole five and a hlaf hours I was at work. In any case, by the time I was done, it was totally the sexiest looking kitchen. Ever. Yeah.

No, really. If I were another kitchen, I'd sleep with it. Maybe.

Whatever! On the plus side of things, our GM came in and was talking to me and I asked him about maybe getting moved to maintenence, which he seemed to be considering. That'd mean more hours 'n stuffs. Which will be nice.

Downside (there always is!) is that while I was cleaning a knife I cut my thumb ;.; It hurt, but didn't bleed much, and we were done cooking for the night so I didn't get anything gross in anyone's pizza. Huzzah.

So yeah, that was my night. Fun stuff.
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