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Boring Skunkie.

And forgetful, too!

28 November
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Hoo boy. Me. Well, let's see... I'm a twenty year old, gay male. I grew up in Texas, raised Southern Baptist (and I still am, thank ya very much). I tend to be liberally conservative, or conservatively liberal depending on how you look at it. Typically, though, I call myself republican. I am depressingly single and socially inept. Being around people I don't know tends to give me an odd, sick feeling in my stomach which makes me seem standoffish, pathetically shy, or an asshole. Take your pick! Really though, I do like people, I'm just weird. Or something. Hey, we're done here! Move along!

So like... no more college for me, I've been attending a vocational school to get trained as a massage therapist here in Texas for the past several months. Good stuff. I should be done soon and on my way to that wonderful registration that will allow me to be legally employed! Hurrah! Other things include me slowly getting more and more accustomed to my furriness, which I've just really only started exploring. I'm still a little gunshy. And I'm also looking into the babyfur movement some. I'm not really much into the infantilist/regression scene (yet?) but I do like the DL aspect of things. Maybe I'll explore this some more if I ever get the chance. Kinda hard to do in a college dorm! Umm... what else... That's about it really, I guess. Heck, just email me, or message me one. I'm friendly online, at least. It's the face to face stuff that makes me all nervous.