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Pissy Hybrid

okay, first bitchy, angsty entry and I'm only a day in. Well, what're journals for? I've just been feeling down ever since some stuff went on a day or so ago, and now I'm flat out upset. Yeah, I know, another weepy, depressed furry. Let me have my moment, please? I won't go into details, I'm just saying this sucks and I don't want to feel like it any more. Only problem is, the more I talk to friends about it, the more I end up crying. What the hell? Blah. I'm thinking I'm almost over it now, so whatever! I guess I'll live (sorry to disappoint some folks!). Oh yeah. I was supposed to make up a psych test today, but when I went, I must've missed the professor so I'll be doing that tomorrow. I hope. Wish me luck... Or just... pray. That'd be nice. I need all the help I can get in college. Ugh.

Later folks!

Much love!
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