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Nothin' to Say

Well, it's mostly true, anyhow. I've got not positively pressing issues on my mind at the moment, though for some reason it -feels- like I do. Lord only knows why.

Went to church t'day. Good stuff. Went to work t'day. Sucked, but it pays. Sorta. They tell me they give me a paycheck every couple weeks, anyway. Dunn where the damn thing gets off to. >.> Bastard.

Lessee... been readin' a book called 'The Case for a Creator' lately which is turning out to be pretty nifty. Scientific arguments against Darwinism/Natualism. Making a case for intelligent design using science. The guys interviewed for it have some pretty impressive credentials, too! I'd recommend it.

Work this week is gonna prove to be tiresome. I've gotta close the kitchen on Monday, wednesday, friday, and saturday. That's a lot of long nights at Chuck E. Cheese for those of you who are uninitiated into the land of the food service industry. I'll get through it, though, 'cause I need the money for Christmas and some upcoming visits which I'm quite excited about.

Oh! And I watched Platoon the other night. I'd forgotten how much of an ass that Barnes guy was. Fuggin' shooting Elias and then not really even killing him so he hasta get shot by the VC too! Geez! X.x Tres suck, as the French would say.

Well... I'm really struggling for anything of interest to put in here and the above hardly qualifies anyway... Alas. I guess I'll end it here for the evening.
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